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    Eszter Szép | Milestone Institute, Budapest
    Boglárka Littner | Milestone Institute, Budapest
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    Ergun Akleman | Texas A&M University
    Hakan Çelik | Independent Artist


    Edited by Madeline B. Gangnes

    Neo-Springfield is About to E-X-P-L-O-D-E: The Nuclear Imagination and Grassroots Mashing of Bartkira

    Charles Acheson | University of Florida

    Form, Function, & Style in the Graphic Essay

    Julia Alekseyeva | University of Pennsylvania

    When It Comes to Making Comix

    Dave Sims | Independent Artist

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    Kay Sohini | Stony Brook University

    Photoengraving and the Materiality of Twentieth-Century Comic Books

    Ruth-Ellen St. Onge | Rare Book School at the University of Virginia


  • Issue 1.1
    Postmodernism: Visualizing a Movement
  • Issue 1.2
    “Queer” as Noun, Adjective, and/or Verb
  • Issue 1.3
    Comics And/As/Against Fine Art
  • Issue 1.4
    Materiality: Drawing (on) Technologies
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